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Reach Thousands of Buyers and Tenants

26 Sep
BaraBikri 26/09/2018 0

Reasons why you should list your property at BaraBikri.com! Reach thousands of buyers and tenants on BaraBikri.com everyday. List just one property or as many as 25 properties Free. Properties currently listed and updated daily. No commission or fees. Buyers and tenants contact you direct. Create your listings online or upload via our automated property data feed at www.BaraBikri.com.

Registered buyers and tenants are automatically emailed your property details daily. Takes just 2 minutes to create a FREE account and list your 1st property. Edit your listings at anytime. You are in total control. Sell or let even faster, bump your advert by getting in touch for premium support. 100% Risk Free. List your property NOW! Create Free account…


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